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Getting my outfits stitched is one of the fun things that always excite me and I think almost every girl loves to do that. Recently, I got some of the dresses stitched according to some recent dress designing trends for the winter season. Everyone wants to live dresses that are different and beautiful. Unstitched dresses are no doubt crafted quite skillfully but if they aren’t stitched meticulously they may not flaunt their real style and value. It is therefore important to consider the layout, print, and design of an unstitched dress before deciding a cut, style, and further detailing with laces, buttons, and pippins.

I am sharing a few dresses which are simple yet trendy and designed according to print, colors and trends.

1st Dress

Maroon & Creamy white

This first dress is a 3-piece semi formal dress which had plain trousers, net embroidered Dupatta, and a printed shirt. Prints for shirt were given in separate pieces for designing at the bottom and neckline. Also, an embroidered piece of lace was given to be fixed at the bottom of the shirt. I didn’t follow the catalog design fully and twisted it a little bit from my own designing skills. Let’s start from the neckline.

Neckline – I wanted something little up but not a perfect Mandarin Collar so I just went with a Victoria collar and followed it with a strip in V-shape to give it both a closed and open look. I got zip on the back neck for a straight and fit to neck look as well as to make this neckline easy to wear.  The strip on the neckline is further adorned with triangle-shaped loops with a pearl darned on it.

Sleeves – I prefer full sleeves firstly because of making it a perfect wear for saying a prayer and secondly, it adds a good length to your dress. I prettified the sleeves with the same embellishments I did on the neckline.

Bottom – For the bottom, I simply got the embroidered lace fixed some inches up the printed border to give a neat embedded look.

Trouser – Although, its trouser was plain I complemented it by designing its leg hem with the same triangles attached to an inverted V-shaped cut from the middle. It added color and sophistication to the overall dress.

Dupatta – Dupatta was already embroidered and needed not much effort. I didn’t go with the tassels because I have quite a lot of dupattas in this style so I darned up its borders with pearl pico to complement it with the design of the shirt.

2nd Dress

Mustard Yellow with black & white

This dress is a cambric cotton 2-piece dress and I was quickly captivated with its geometrical type print as whenever these prints are worn, it gives you a chic look. The moment I found it on an online store, I ordered it. It has a full embroidered trouser with sort of abstract print and the color combination was another thing that I fell for.

Neckline – I wanted a modish yet formal look with this dress so I made a front open collar buttoned in contrasting colors.

Sleeves – To keep its square look intact, I gilded the sleeves with cube-shaped tassels in contrasting colors so that it complements the color scheme and print both.

Bottom – Its bottom is very interesting. I got the corners of the bottom line shaped in slash / to add an even more cubic look to the shirt and embellished it with the same cubic tassels on the border.

Trouser – Since it is heavily embroidered, it didn’t need any further embellishments. 

3rd Dress

Fuschia Pink With Tangerine Orange Color

Again, this is a 3-piece dress I picked for its vibrant color combination and paste printing drawing. This is my ever favorite color combo and I can’t resist myself whenever I get to see a good print in this color aesthetics.

Neckline – I kept its neckline round followed by a front slit closed by a pippin and adorned with metallic traditional multicolored mirror tassels. To add more vibrancy to these colors, these buttons added an even further traditional look to the dress.

Sleeves – I was quite skillful in designing its sleeves and while keeping them full in length, split them at the quarter of its length and rejoined with the help of a tasseled fabric cord (Dori in Urdu). It gives a stylish look when you wear it.

Bottom – It’s bottom is simple with no embellishments

Trouser – I made a shalwar to complete its conventional look.

Dupatta – Borders are darned up with a zigzag break pico in similar colors to add refinement and finish.

4th Dress

Navy blue and multi-colored Shawl

This is a 3 piece dress with poly-wool shawl. I bought this dress out of my new love for block printing. This dress didn’t need much detailing as it was already a sophisticated outfit.

Neckline, sleeves, Bottom – All is simple. Only metallic buttons on the neckline in a combination with colors in Shawl were added to complement the shirt with it.

Trouser is simple and in bell-bottom cut.

Shawl borders are detailed with shirt’s fabric pippin to add a complementary feel.

5th Dress

Pistachio Green

It’s a 1 piece formal chicken embroidered shirt in an enthralling pastel hue of green. What made me bought is it’s color and bottom embroidery border. For a transition from the calmness and coolness of this pistachio green shade, I added ruby red organza detailing on the neckline and sleeves for a bright and bold look.

Neckline – it’s a V-shaped neckline bordered with pintucked organza fabric

Sleeves – Sleeves are in full length and beautified with same organza pintucks detailing.

So, this was all from my first batch of dress designing ideas. Far away from intricacies, these designs were simple specially the neckline because I like to keep them easy. My major focus areas area always sleeves and bottoms of shirt and trousers. I hope you liked these designs.

If you liked these dress designing ideas then leave your comment in comments section. I will soon update this blog with my next batch of ideas.

Let’s dress to impress!

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