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Throughout the year, overwhelmed by the latest collections of clothing brands in Pakistan, perplexity somewhere sits in between deciding which one to go for. All brands launch their seasonal collections for formal and informal dresses. Whether you like it or not, clothes represent who you are. You should pick a brand that reflects your lifestyle, your profession, your status – as well as your personal wants or needs.

Of course, there is no one perfect brand for everyone for all the times. Neither can I pinpoint any one single brand for you and for even myself but deciding upon a brand for you is really important.  Here is why:

  1. When it comes to wardrobe, it makes your life easier. You literally don’t have to think about   what to select from your existing wardrobe or which style you should wear. Simply head towards the store or purchase it online and get it done.
  2. Wearing a certain brand quite frequently attaches a brand identity to your personality. You start feeling ownership of whatever the company offers and urge to buy more than required due to the embedded satisfaction that comes with the quality and service.

Most of the people usually end up with paying more when purchasing branded clothes. However, this is a task which can easily be done within the budget with a little prudence and deep insight.  After reading this blog, I am hopeful most of you will be able to compare many different brands out there and identify the one perfect for yourself without bursting your budgets out. This comparison will definitely lead you to making a wiser decision in your entire upcoming clothing spree. So let’s check out the tips for deciding on a brand best for you.

Set Your Requirement

Before you embark upon shopping, it is crucial that you know exactly what you require.  And for this, first of all, you need to check if your wardrobe is clamoring for a complete alteration or just addition of a few new clothes will do the justice. Sometimes, we just need to add few seasonal fabric stuff for winters and summers or some other times; we might need evergreen fabric such as cotton to get along all year round.

Next, you must decide if you need (RTW) Ready to wear dresses or purchasing unstitched dress and getting it darned up with your personal customized style is something you are looking for.

After, deciding on these two notes; mark your preference for the fabric (Lawn, Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, Net, Khaddar, Linen, Voile, Karandi etc) and style (Long shirt, short shirt, trouser, pant, shalwar etc). Make sure that whatever fabric, style and specially color you choose is according to the weather. When you buy new clothes, they must be in agreement to the season and occasion you need it for.

Finally, budget may be the last but not the least to settle your entire plans of buying new clothes. And to not going out of budget limits, you will need to do what I am discussing further:

Check Regular Brands For New Collection With Prices

Of course, not everyone is selling on the same price, there are differences and this is your duty to mark those differences not in terms of pricing but also the quality. Sometimes, a cheaper quality is sold out expensively or sometimes a best quality is available at reasonably cheap prices. For example, in Pakistan, there are certain brands such as So Kamal, Salitex, Lemon Tart are just few to name; for delivering the quality fabric at comparatively low prices. You’ll always get a scale on pricing from low to moderate and high. According to your budget, compare them against the quality of fabric. In case of RTW, an additional step is to be done*.

*Fit is King- If a brand or store doesn’t offer items that fit you right (or adjustable to one size down) then definitely it’s not the place for you. No matter, how discounted the prices are, you’ll have to move on.

The trick is to start from the sellers you regularly buy from; and then keep moving towards those that are less frequently bought.

Here I’m enlisting brands that are currently offering the best dresses in Pakistan in varying degrees of price range.

Low Priced – Salitex, So Kamal, Polka Dots, Lemon Tart, warda

Moderately Priced– Khaadi, Zellbury, Limelight, Saya, Ethnic, Rang Rasiya, Ego, Beechtree, J., Bonanzasatrangi, Cross stitch, Firdous Lawn, Iznik, Bytheway

Highly Priced – Gul Ahmed, Al-Karam, Mushqpk, Elan, Charizma

Very highly priced – Nishat Linen, Bareeze, Maryam hussain, MariaB, sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa Lawn etc.

Check For The Selling Tactics

It may not be that obvious but it’s good that you learn about the pricing models of your favorite clothing brand. Learn from how they SELL- not from their lower price.

• Do they offer sales coupons, incentives or discounted sales frequently?

• Do they “mark it high” and then go low in terms of price?

• Do they have discounts? Or did they remove discounts so as to show more transparency?

• Do they use the “club model” where you must be a member to avail of exclusive discounts?

Decide On Compromising Factors

One last thing before getting it done is to check if you can compromise on a few aspects such as color or style in RTW and the dress combination (2 piece, 3piece) in case of unstitched fabric.

For RTW- it is possible that you like the style and color but the item is a bit pricey, then you should weigh it against your liking. But do not forget, unique things come with exclusive pricing.

For Unstitched –  Most of the dresses are now available in combination of black, white and off white bottoms which you may not prefer, but as long as the shirt and dupatta are appealing and coming in your range, bottoms should be compromised upon.

Make a purchase

Luckily, if you’ve found one perfect clothing brand for you in your budget; now it’s time to make a purchase without giving any further thoughts. J

Get it styled perfectly

If you’re done with a RTW costume, that’s superb, but if you couldn’t then don’t worry, you can always get your clothes stitched either in your own unique style or as the brand suggests. Now, if you don’t have any idea for how to get it stitched, then still you need not to worry because I’m here to style and design it for you. All you have to do is just send me the picture of your dress and preferences (if any). I will carve out a designing for you and I am sure you’re gonna love it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and now ready to shop for the next lot of wardrobe makeover from your best brand in your budget.

Just leave me a comment below if it remained helpful for you in any way.

Happy shopping!

Let’s dress to impressJ

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