Anda Chana / Ande Choley

Cooking time 30 mins Serves 3-4 person A savory Pakistani/Indian dish to have as a breakfast, lunch or dinner with chapatti or puri. Ingredients Boiled Chickpeas 2 cups Potato 1 boiled Eggs 2-3 boiled and halved Oil 1-1/2 cup Onion 1 medium sized finely chopped Green chilies 2-3 finely chopped Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tbsp […]

Creamy Crunchy Bread Cubes

Cooking Time: 20 mins Serves 2-3 persons (Quick serve for guests, tea time snack, and a sweet treat for yourself after lunch or dinner). Ingredients: Bread slices 3 to 4 Sugar 6 tsp Water 10tsp Cardamom (Elaichi) 1-2 (crushed) Yellow food color (Optional) Cream Oil Dried nuts Recipe: 1st step – Make sugar syrup Add […]

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