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This green tea moisturizing serum is claimed to contain tea tree leaf oil which deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin. It provides the necessary nutrition to dry or flaky skin and boosts radiation. Its main ingredients are tea tree leaf oil, glycol, and glycerin, and sodium hyaluronate.

This serum is light-weight, transparent, and has a soothing fragrance. Though, it is not overpowering but may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin


It comes in a very cute green-colored 30 ml glass bottle with a dropper pump. Unlike other conventional serum bottles, what I really liked about this bottle is its dropper design which needs to be pushed instead of pinched to pull out and release liquid from the nozzle. You need to twist it ON when in use and twist it back to OFF when done.


Price of product is very reasonable. Here in UAE it cost me only AED12.50.

How to use the product

After proper cleansing, your face, drop a little amount of product on your face and pat with fingers to absorb it completely into the skin for desired results.

Evaluating claims

Let’s evaluate how much dies this product lived up to its claims with reference to different particular skin conditions and problems.


When I started using it, I thought of this product as more of a complete moisturizing solution. I used it as a night serum for a period of 15 days on my acne-prone skin and I could see a visible difference in my acne. Since tea tree oil is good for treating acne, it didn’t completely stop the eruption but it helped to nip it in the bud.  Acne didn’t grow further and killed where spotted.


Active ingredients of tea tree leaf oil helped in fighting pigmentation and acne scars. It also faded all redness and itchiness caused by acne. It was also helpful in minimizing pores but not to the extent as I was imagining; so yes, open pores aren’t benefited much.


It hydrates the skin overnight and gives a silky touch but it doesn’t penetrate into the skin much enough to keep skin hydrated all day long. However, if packed with a good moisturizer lotion, its results can be seen far better.

Dark circles / Skin radiance

For my dark circles, I was expecting it to work to its claim and bring some radiance but not a good deal of visible results is observed.


  • It has a really nice fragrance
  • Its size is minimalistic which is pocket-friendly or travel friendly
  • It is a good addition being a repairing serum to any moisturizing lotion, scrub, or mask


  • It is not very moisturizing and alone doesn’t help dryness of skin too much.
  • Feels a bit greasy and sticky after application

Personal opinion and Recommendation

It is not recommended to be used alone especially for those who are looking for supple and all-time nourished skin. Mix this serum with your moisturizing lotion or cream or mask and it will add its benefits. This product is still good for combination skins but people with dry skin should not rely on it.
Overall, it is a good product that leaves no residuals on your face and helps dryness to some extent. I would give this product 3.5 out of 5  for its moisturizing effect claims.

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