Your home décor reflects the real you!

Though there are many aspects of a personality that are reflected through different habits, styles and performances but your lifestyle in your home and the décor you put up for your living actually throws a sheer reflection of real you. If you are a calm, quiet and serene personality, so will be the effect of your home, while a joyous and festive personality showcases a colorful living home, full of colors of life and glee.

When you embark upon the journey of turning your house into home, you are supposed to take a lot of decisions, from embellishing the roofs to furnishing the floors, painting the walls, covering the windows and doors, placement of furniture and the lighting fixture, everything counts for a complete outward show of your décor. Your home, especially your room should be a clear statement & define the story of your life, your background, interests, likings, hobbies, moods, behaviors and beliefs. I agree to the most extent that most of us hang on to something for years just because either it was given by a special friend during childhood or teenage or it was a wedding gift or a token of appreciation from someone beloved. But again, that must be asked if it suits to your personality? If yes, only then it may help out to proclaim your room a reflection of your inner self.

Color scheme must be a depiction of your mood; art work should illustrate your dreams since it’s all about your good self instead of architectural techniques or a decorator’s will. Beauty of our homes specifically should announce your personality and endorse your unique individuality. Furthermore, relationship dynamics also plays a vital role in creating your house a canvas of the lives of each inhabitant. People with different personality traits would add uniqueness in every corner of home proclaiming their own interests and habits, moods, preferences and life stories.

It’s not a rule that your home decor only reflects your personality rather it also affects your personality. The way you embellish your home may count largely for your behavior when you stay at home. There are some psychological concerns attached to every color, style, material, fixture and spaces putting considerable impact on cognitive parts of one’s mind which are responsible for increasing relaxation and happiness. Home is meant to be a haven for you so keep it the way you suppose your life to be.

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