Sometimes we may not notice and acknowledge the importance of stairs in our home but staircases play a vital role in showcasing the décor of your interior as well as exterior. Be they are meant for climbing to the door of your house or to the upper portion, a great care and attention to the details should be given to the designing of stairs. Many trendy ideas have come into the market for the people to opt among; but a combo of contemporary design with a touch of pastoral design always echoes for the individuality.

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Since stairs helps us to move up and down many times a day therefore these must be designed in a way which is convenient to walk or run upon and not surrenders a person lethargic. Stair cases can be installed in different ways depending on the available space as well as need for the stairs. These are categorized as:

  • Single Flight Straight Stairs
  • Double Flight Straight Stairs
  • Quarter Turn Newel
  • Half Turn Newel
  • Open Wall Stairs
  • Dog Legged Stairs
  • Bifurcated Stairs
  • Circular Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs

Most popular designs for this sake are selected as Glass stair case design, wooden stair case, and a fusion of wooden with other material. Each of these designs have their own advantages and disadvantages which are to be accounted for prior to get installed anyone of these at your home.

Glass stair case designs helps to fetch more light in to your home and helps to give your space a bigger look. A fusion design such as timber with iron would give an alluring look to your interior.  One thing to bear in mind is that your staircase must be budget friendly no matter whatever the design is. Same as stairs are meant to lift you up to the next floor, same way they are supposed to lift the interior of your home to the next level where the only limit is your imagination.

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