To decorate your place isn’t an art rather designing it to the utmost way where maximum utilization of the resources is possible is surely a call for your brain and artistic dexterity. These resources could either be movable or immovable items in your place.

It is an old belief that small furniture is a great idea for small rooms but now I refute this statement by sharing a list of tips that could be followed for turning your small space into a spacious one. These re-works in your even small rooms can make it look bigger irrespective of furniture size. It’s all about utilizing and complementing the items with place’s aesthetics.

Starting from your head (roof) to the toes (floor) every single thing placed in that area counts for its appearance so let’s start from the roof.

  • Cover your roof ceiling with paint or wallpaper in a design (STRIPED) and way that it adds height to your room and should look like a tall man’s house.
  • Windows must be followed by either wooden shutters or blinds instead of heavily designed fabricated curtains, if really not necessary. Again, if curtains are to serve a purpose for adding or complementing color scheme then they must be of light fabric. I.e. Silk otherwise, uncovered windows are a better idea for showing depth in small rooms.
  • Furniture, irrespective of size may be re-designed to serve as a multi-purpose item. Like; to have a chest of drawers beneath your bed or sofa. Table can be provided with drawers for eventually turning it into study table from a side table. Statement furniture and decorative items is always a good idea for minimizing cluttered look of small rooms.
  • Furniture should be placed at a distance of few inches to the wall so that an illusion of spaciousness can be created. Moreover, furniture not touching to the floor (having legs exposed) is an ideal fit for small spaces.
  • Lighting of the space should be in white or light blue. Yellow lighting isn’t preferable for the small spaces and overhead lights if ditched can do wonders for you.
  • Hang or create shelves at the height of your wall so that eyes can be scrolled upward, creating a elongated vision of room.
  • To add decorative items to the space, go for the small sizes because they are to serve only single purpose, can’t be utilized for work so it is wise to go for small yet trendy items.
  • Use light colors on the walls and floors. Let’s say, shades of white, light green and light blue would work as heaven to give the space a brighter and cozy effect. However, shades of the same color can be more appealing.

A good mix of architectural, visual and aesthetic components can surely mark a considerable change in conversion of small rooms into spacious and airy place and can actually help you feel big even in a small space.

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