Though curtains put a shutter on your windows and doors but these actually unveils the beauty of your space. Curtains are one of the core aesthetics that can be added to the splendor of your room. Eastern and Western both designs advocate the legacy of curtains to transform the space into a luxurious and cozy one.

Curtains could be of a variety of designs for you depending on the aesthetic requirements of the space. However it can be used to serve the purposes like it helps to insulate a room, to add luxury to your living room, to control light and glare, and to the favor of most, it helps to hide any bad part of your window or door since most of the times it is observed that windows and doors themselves are part of a problem.

Curtain hanging calls for a prior analysis and planning depending upon the structure, deficiencies and needs of that specific area so that curtains could play their role to the fullest instead of being adding a pointless effect to your space. To plan all you have to do is:

  • Analyze your need – To enlarge or reduce the size of room, to control light, to adjust appearance of window.
  • Identify Purpose – what function is expected of curtains.
  • Match with space – color and design must show adherence with the overall aesthetic of space i.e : walls, floor and furniture. Length should also be accompanied by the height of doors and windows.

Keeping all the physical reasons apart, having your windows and doors; draped in curtains calls for some psychological effects too.  Light fabric or light colors are known to bring a lighter, brighter, spacious and soothing effect whilst the heavy fabric or dark colors enriches the surroundings and gives an impression of being tightened and gloomy, however some of the dark colors which are bright in nature puts forth a space of comfort or accentuates going into deep relaxing environment. Also the lighter is the fabric, easier is it’s cleaning and handling.

Curtains actually complete a room décor so they must complement with the overall decorum of your space in terms of fabric, color, style, length and purpose.

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